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Instrumentation & Tubing works

We are taking part in the complete projects relating to Instrumentation and tubing works for skids and power plant projects, oil and gas industry and which further includes Calibration and Testing.

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Pipeline Construction & Maintenance

Pipeline Construction is one of the core activities in the construction fields. SCHEMES undertakes for liquid, gas and multiproduct pipelines, on and offshore. The pipe ranges starting from 3/4 inches to 56 inches.

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Mechanical & Electrical Contracting

Mechanical & Electrical is one of the activities of schemes which provide fully engineered electro mechanical and building service solutions to construction for diverse range of projects including Villas, Warehouse, Residential and Commercial high rise developments.

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Scaffolding, Insulation, Fire Proofing Work

Schemes can offer leading suppliers designs and erections of scaffolding in the projects for a wide range of services to fulfils market requirements. SCHEMES has requisite industry knowledge for Scaffolding work and specialize in all type of scaffolding from domestic premises to industrial site projects that can carried out in a cost effective manner without compromising safety quality and the environment.

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Schemes are capable to deliver wide range of insulation services to the following industries and facilities;

  • ⦁ Commercial
  • ⦁ Industrial
  • ⦁ Marine
  • ⦁ Power Generation
  • ⦁ Process plant
  • ⦁ Piping
  • ⦁ Petro chemical

Extended to the division of;

  • ⦁ Thermal Insulation Services
  • ⦁ Fire proofing Services
  • ⦁ Air Conditioning services

Fire proofing activities include casting, gunning, brick lining and ceramic fibre module installation.

  • ⦁ Spray applied fire resistive materials
  • ⦁ (SFRM) structure paintings
  • ⦁ Intumescent epoxy coatings
  • ⦁ Dense/Light weight concrete.
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Blasting, Painting & Coating

Our Industrial work can mean cleaning rust off large fabricated items using blasting and then priming/painting these items for delivery ,or polishing delicate manufacturing equipment with blasting methods and preparing surfaces for speciality coatings requiring advanced techniques.

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Tanks & Reservoir cleaning services

We dependably and professionally vacuum, pump, and transport liquid waste and sludge in a process that eliminates odours and safety problems.

We also ensure that your facilities are maintained thoroughly and without trace of hardened deposits. SCHEMES have provided a proper and efficient sludge disposal service with appropriate resources and skilled manpower.

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All kinds of Valve repair, service & modification

SCHEMES deal in Sales, service, repair and modification of branded valves like;

  • ⦁ Ball valves
  • ⦁ Gate valves,
  • ⦁ Globe valves & Check valves specifically designed for the Oil & Gas, Oil refining, Natural Gas, Power generation, Chemical, Petrochemical and Mining industries.
  • Service, repair and modification of valves is an important work should be done properly for the effective working of skids and industrial plants. SCHEMES have the potential to undertake all those related jobs.
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